About NetAlly

About Us

As Kansas City Internet marketing consultants, NetAlly knows that the Internet marketing business is growing daily. When we began doing business in 2001, Internet marketing played a small role in most businesses' growth strategies. Today, Internet marketing investment in the U.S. is expected to exceed $25 billion per year and over $50 billion by 2014. Better than one half of it is invested in search marketing, and that number is expected to keep climbing in the years ahead. This is in marked contrast to the revenue losses experienced by conventional media like newspaper, TV and radio.

NetAlly believes in the power of Internet marketing. We believe in using our client's money for the sole purpose of achieving results. In other words, we won't experiment with your money in order to see if a strategy works. This is because we have done all the necessary experimentation by investing in the marketing of our own websites. In 2009, we invested over $6.5 million using Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization to drive traffic to more than 3,000 websites that our company owns. We can help you achieve the same results for your business.

Our management team is comprised of accountants, professors, and technical wizards, as well as marketing and advertising executives. With nearly 100 years of collective management and marketing experience, our team is passionate about helping business owners and managers meet their objectives.

NetAlly has been assisting some of the best-known Internet marketers such as e-Bay, Amazon.com and Yahoo to grow their business since 2001. Let us help your business grow by designing a high impact Internet marketing campaign with a high ROI. Contact our Internet marketing business consultants to receive a FREE needs analysis and recommendations on how to make your Internet marketing strategy a success.

In addition to SEO, PPC, Web Design, and Social Networking, NetAlly is a full service Internet marketing company that offers these services:


We will ensure that your website information is stored safely and readily available.

Automatic Responder

We can send e-mails with the frequency you choose to visitors who request information from your website. The e-mails will contain valuable information as well as offers to attract them to your place of business. NetAlly's Automatic Responder is a perfect addition to your sales strategy.

E-Mail management

We have a proprietary e-mail management system which allows you to contact your customer list at your discretion. Whether you want to congratulate them on their birthday or invite them to your monthly sales event, you will stay in touch with your customers like never before with NetAlly's E-Mail management system.

E-Commerce Shopping Cart

We have designed a proprietary e-commerce shopping cart that is very dynamic and can be customized to your wants and needs. Our shopping cart can handle anything from displaying your products to allowing for a full blown e-commerce application.

Customized Software and Programming

NetAlly is not only an Internet marketing company, we are also a technology company. We have a staff of computer programmers who can create custom applications, software or just about anything you may want or need.

Let us create a custom package to fit your needs. Contact one of our Internet marketing consultants to learn how we can help you achieve your business goals.